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The 2015 Keynote Speaker


Dale Willows

Brief Bio:  Dr. Dale Willows

Dr. Dale Willows is a Senior Full Professor and an internationally recognized scholar in the area of language and literacy education.  She has made numerous presentations at conferences around the world and her work has been published in books, chapters, and articles.  She served as a member of the prestigious National Reading Panel ( in the USA, as well as the Early Reading Expert Panel in Ontario (  

Throughout her career Dale Willows has been committed to putting research into practice in both regular and special education settings.  To this end, over the last 20 years she has focused her work on knowledge mobilization, providing professional development for teachers, special educators and administrators in school districts in Canada and the USA to assist them in raising literacy levels in their schools.  Based on this work Dr. Willows’ team has focused their research on the impact of pre-service and in-service professional development on the knowledge and practice of educators and on the literacy outcomes of their students.  Most recently, in order to both build and sustain capacity of elementary educators she and her team launched a comprehensive free multimedia website (The Balanced Literacy Diet, and a YouTube channel ( to support evidence-informed literacy education in schools.  Both sites have become very popular online resources. Dr. Willows’ team is currently involved in research designed to understand and inform teachers’ use of online professional resources.


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